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July 2019

Yoga and Veterans – Working Together to Relieve Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Let’s begin this article with finding out what Sudarshan Kriya yoga is all about. Sri Ravi Shankar is the founder of Sudarshan Kriya yoga which was established in 1982. He states that it came to him like an inspiration bridging… Continue Reading →

5 Herbal Treatments for Anxiety Disorder

Recent studies reveal that anxiety disorders are common in the United States. Anxious people are susceptible to excessive fear and nervousness, which can sometimes occur out of the blue and hinder one’s ability to function normally. People with an anxiety… Continue Reading →

Binaural Beat Meditation Can Be Dangerous

Binaural beats are becoming more and more popular and are used by thousands of people every day. They are a very useful aid to have in your “well-being” tool box but there is a small number of people that should… Continue Reading →

The Truth About Neurontin and Fibromyalgia

Neurontin for Everything How does a drug company take an unproven, worthless, and potentially dangerous drug like Neurontin, and turn it into a billion dollar blockbuster? Through deceit, lies, and bribery reports New York Times health writer and author Melody… Continue Reading →

Butalbital Headache – Is Your Fiorcet Causing Your Headaches?

Butalbital headache occurs when patients are taking medications such as Esgic, Esgic Plus or Fiorcet for treatment of headaches. Some of these also contain caffeine. Each of these brand name medications contain butalbital which is the generic form of the… Continue Reading →

Self Help For Panic Attacks Available

For many years it was believed that medication was the best way to deal with anxiety. This idea has been changing. Today, many doctors and therapists are taking a different approach to those with panic and anxiety problems. Many have… Continue Reading →

Depression – When You Are At The Bottom Of The Pit

It is generally known that there are basically four types of depression. These are: – 1. Topography – A hollow or sunken part eg a pit. 2. Weather – A low barometric pressure surrounded by higher pressures. 3. Economy –… Continue Reading →

Commonly Known and Lesser Known Hypothyroid Symptoms

When hypothyroidism begins, several things happen, usually gradually. The first is lack of energy and ambition. You just seem to lose desire for activities you’ve enjoyed in the past. You feel unusually tired and apathetic, but can’t figure out why…. Continue Reading →

Can Hair Loss Due to Thyroid Issues Cause a Tingling, Itchy, Or Painful Scalp?

I recently received correspondence from someone who felt reasonably sure that her hair loss and shedding was due to an underlying thyroid issue, However, in addition to the hair loss, she was also experiencing problems with her scalp. Most of… Continue Reading →

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