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February 2020

3 Reasons Why It Is Not Safe to Drink Untreated Water

Most people do not have water that is safe to drink. The intake of water worldwide doubles every twenty years, and consumption increases twice the population rate. It is estimated that by 2025, a minimum of 3 billion people will… Continue Reading →

Physical Therapy And Various Diseases

Bone infections are the result of fractures, which vary in size according to the force that led to bone fracture. There is a closed fracture, which occurs in the bones without penetrating the skin wall of the body and the… Continue Reading →

Understanding Gum Disease

Gum disease is a serious problem which affects millions of people each year. Most people don’t even realize they have a problem, until they seek the assistance of a medical professional. There are two main types of gum disease which… Continue Reading →

Best Information About Smallpox Disease

Since time immemorial, we, the human beings, have been faced with a wide variety of illnesses and infections. Diseases can be divided into two main categories: Communicable and Non-communicable. Communicable are those which can be transmitted from one person to… Continue Reading →

Protein Poisoning Symptoms

There are too many protein poisoning symptoms to list in this short article. Degenerative diseases of all kinds are either directly or indirectly caused by protein poisoning. Let us start with cancer. Cancer is caused, when excess protein in the… Continue Reading →

Common Duck Diseases – Symptoms and How To Possibly Avoid Them From Affecting Your Ducks

Just like any other living creature, ducks are not immune to sickness and injury. There are ways to minimize and hopefully prevent the attacks. Here are a few of the most common duck diseases, their symptoms, and how to possibly… Continue Reading →

Key Benefits Of Having A Mattress Protector

A good quality mattress is very important for a good sleep. A mattresses protector is known as the most important accessory for your mattress. It is recommended to clean your mattress every week, but cleaning a mattress regularly is not… Continue Reading →

Alternative Therapy – Cure Through Dream Analysis

Dreams are very important images produced by the unconscious side of the human psychic sphere in order to send information and guidance to the human conscience. The reason they are incomprehensible for the human conscience is due to the existence… Continue Reading →

Reverse Chronic Diseases With Colon Cleansing

I will like to introduce to you a therapy that if applied correctly can reverse or drastically reduce the symptoms of any chronic disease. By Chronic I mean diseases that are caused by long term imbalances and have no known… Continue Reading →

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