The short answer to the above question is no, oral medication is not effective often enough as a permanent cure for sweaty hands. While certain pills are capable of helping you to stop sweaty palms temporarily, the disorder does not go away, recurring very quickly.

Some oral medication are capable of giving you side effects and are largely limited in treating excessive hand sweat over the long term. This approach not only gives you momentary dry palms but also dry throats, mouth and you might even experience difficulty in swallowing at times. You may also feel your eyes drying up as well. This sensation extends even after you stop medication, the time frame of which depends individually.

While it is obvious that the extended use of oral medication to stop sweaty palms is not effective and harmful to your body over time, you are asking what other alternative remedies are suitable for treating this disorder. While it must be recognised that there is no perfect solution to this disorder, there will always be a most suitable treatment if you research hard enough. And the key to finding the right one is to understand the severity of your condition.

Many sufferers complain that they are not able to find the solution as they did not match the severity of the condition with the treatment selected. Take for instance, if you have a moderate or severe case, over the counter creams and powders will not help you get rid of your excessive hand sweat.

Rather, look to ETS surgery, botox injections and iontophoresis treatment as your solution. Even then, you will need to know the drawbacks of each method and the side effects they accord their users in order for you to form the best conclusion. ETS surgery for example, is effective in stopping excessive hand sweat but leaves you with very undesirable side effect of compensatory sweating on the torso, underarm, face, groin and or feet. Botox injections are effective, requiring repeat sessions every three months and you are advised to attempt it only if you can withstand hundreds of needles pricking you on each palm every three months.

Iontorphoresis treatment on the other hand, is by far the most effective remedy attempted by millions of successfully treated ex sufferers over 50 years since its debut. The reason for its popularity and success lies in the fact that it leaves no side effects, has no surgical risk, and is easy to apply. Once a day of twenty minute session over a one week period and you will have dry palms. And if you have a tight budget, making your device takes only twenty dollars and thirty minutes to assemble and you are the proud owner of this proven cure for sweaty hands. Stop sweaty palms and start living life anew again.