You are wasting your time if you are taking conventional vitamins to help your ITP blood disorder. Hear me out! If you suffer from ITP blood disease, you are suffering from some form of an auto-immune disease. Auto-immune diseases are triggered by chronic inflammation in the body. There are many forms of auto-immune diseases such as lupus, ms, cancer, diabetes, Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura etc.

It has now been scientifically proven by some of the world’s most renowned free radical scientists that the traditional vitamins that you are taking to help you get well, actually cause major free radical damage and trigger inflammation. And as stated above, inflammation can trigger your auto immune disease such as ITP blood disorder. It’s hard to imagine that the supplements you take to protect your health, cause inflammation and actually damage your health. Instead they cause free radical damage and subsequent inflammation. Most people relate Inflammation causing sources to be viruses, bacteria, household and industrial chemicals, stress etc.

But how can vitamin and mineral supplements have this effect when they have been believed to be part of the solution to your ITP blood disorder? Loaded with antioxidant and essential minerals, these very substances are supposed combat free radicals, which damage our cells at the molecular level and start the disease process going into full gear. But now, what some of the medical community has suspected to be true about conventional vitamin supplements for years, has been proven in scientific laboratories of some of the most prestigious universities, by some of the world’s most respected free radical scientists, that most vitamins on the market today, when tested against a new patent pending delivery system called “Oligofructose Complex” pale in comparison of bioavailability.

Besides other valuable research being done by Gary Buettner, PHD, of the University of Iowa, another scientist, Dr. Kamorav, from the university research department at the George Washington University in Washington D.C, performed many tests on a range of vitamin and mineral delivery systems using Electron Paramagnetic Resonance at his laboratory. After extensive testing, he was able to verify the reductions of free radicals in this newly invented complex versus other forms of minerals. I quote, ” we started seeing that Oligofructose complex reacted with free radials differently than the minerals themselves. Oligofructose Complex was much more stable than the minerals themselves”.

With this new discovery, the traditional vitamin companies and the general consumer will have to take heed.

This is a real glimmer of hope for the consumer, who desires better health. When it comes to supplements, in my opinion you have two options. Either whole food supplements, which are good, but because the actual capsules contain whole foods, the volume one needs to take for extra protection is large, tedious and very expensive at best.

The other, and more economical, and simpler option is offered by a little known company called Melaleuca, who recently invented the patent pending, very effective supplement delivery system called “Oligofructose Complex”.

This new process called “Oligofructose Complex”, actually delivers minerals in a form that mimics mother nature , the way that vitamins and minerals are naturally found in fruits, vegetables and other foods to help provide energy, proper balanced nutrition and a sense of vitality. These minerals are complexed with amino acids and oligofructose fiber before they are mixed with other nutrients. What this does is shield the mineral by organically binding it, which disarms the minerals natural ability to generate free radicals. The recent scientific research has confirmed that this newly discovered complex delivers over 75% of free radical reduction compared to sulfate and oxide forms of copper which are commonly used. In commercial vitamins for example, it has been proven that the sulfates and oxides give NO free radical protection, the gluconates offer only about 20 % protection, and the chelates, (which up until now were considered the most effective) offered only a 40% protection rate against free radicals. This “Oligofructose complex” is only available from this company and is not available on the open market.

Eventually, as more scientific data is released, this new vitamin delivery system will become more known and likely a household word. But at the moment, it’s about the best kept health secret around. It will eventually have a profound impact on the supplement industry, mark my words.

If you have ITP blood disorder and are taking supplements to rebuild your health, it’s time to re-evaluate your situation. You must be especially aware of the real health ramifications of your daily supplements.

If you are not taking either whole food supplements or those made with the “Oligofructose complex ” delivery system, you are just wasting your money. But not only that, you could very well be making your ITP blood disorder worse by creating more inflammation for you to overcome. Supplementing your diet is crucial to managing your ITP blood disorder, so be sure to use the right supplements to heal, not harm!