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HORSE RACING: How To Use Trip Handicapping

How to use trip handicapping means you have to do some serious dealings. Whoever said horse racing was easy? With trip handicapping you have to know where to get the information required to do it. And WHY a race turned… Continue Reading →

Lowering High Cholesterol

High cholesterol has been shown to cause heart disease as it affects the vessels that supply blood to the heart. Continuously high levels of blood cholesterol cause arteries to become narrower when plague builds up and they are not able… Continue Reading →

Is Your Homeschool Porous or Rigid?

Big warnings about Fosamax, the drug used to treat osteoporosis. Like many medications, apparently there can be too much of a good thing. As a nurse, I know that all medical intervention has side effects. But this news about Fosamax… Continue Reading →

Drugs in Tap Water – What Are the Experts Saying?

Earlier this year, every news agency in the US carried headlines about the drugs in tap water. Believe it or not, that might be the least of our water problems. You see the traces of drugs in tap water samples… Continue Reading →

Can I Use a Cat Deworming Treatment On Dogs?

After giving a deworming treatment to your kitty, she gets worm free, but your pooch now has them. If there is still a part of the treatment left you can be tempted to just give it to your tyke. But… Continue Reading →

Dangers of Stimulant Abuse

Stimulants or psychoactive substances, including illicit drugs such as cocaine or crack (variant of cocaine) and methamphetamine, as well as legal medications to manage ADHD disorders such as Adderall and Ritalin, produce a state of increased alertness. Some common party… Continue Reading →

How To Give a Stubborn Dog or Cat a Pill

We dog and cat lovers know the frustration and difficulty associated with giving our pets medicine. If we're fortunate enough to have a medicine in liquid form, such as an herbal extract, administering it is relatively easy. Unfortunately, if the… Continue Reading →

Easing Panic Attacks and Anxiety

Panic attacks often come as a sign of anxiety. A panic attack usually manifests a past conflict which has remained unresolved. Other people also experience panic attacks because they have not been able to cope with a certain stressor. Their… Continue Reading →

Sore Penis Alert: Possible Penis Pump Risks

The penis pump is a lifesaver for men whose erectile issues prevent successful sexual interactions with a partner. It’s also a familiar option to men whose quest for a larger penis is intense. But whether using a penis pump for… Continue Reading →

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