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Is The Current Prescription Opioid Abuse Epidemic In The US Spreading To Thailand?

The snack bowl at a “pharm party” includes a mix of prescription drugs-from Adderall to OxyContin to Xanax-and most of them come directly from the household medicine cabinet. The ABC News program, ‘Pharm Country’, examines a disturbing and rapidly growing… Continue Reading →

How To Give Your Dog Home-Made Enema

Sometimes, you may need to do more than just giving solid or liquid medication to your sick dog. Depending on his condition and symptoms, you may also have to provide other kinds of nursing care, such as giving enemas. Below… Continue Reading →

How to Best Make Use of Bach Flowers

Bach flowers are a very common remedy for mental and personality dispositions that work against an individual while getting medication against diseases. This natural remedy was developed by Dr. Bach who had to leave behind a career in Medicine. His… Continue Reading →

How to Cure Panic Attacks – ‘Simple and Proven’ Methods Cure Anxiety and Panic Attacks Effortlessly

There are a few methods that you can find on how to cure panic attacks. Majority of people usually opt to visit their doctor to treat these attacks and are generally prescribed with Benzodiazepines, which are anti anxiety medicines namely… Continue Reading →

What is Capstar and the Benefits of Using It

Flea control or eradication is the reason why products like Capstar are manufactured and become popular through the years. All dog and cat owners know how fleas cause problems and diseases to the beloved pets. Fleas are minute wingless insects,… Continue Reading →

What Is an Anticoagulant Blood Thinner?

Medical practitioners oftentimes prescribe anticoagulant blood thinner medications as a preventive measure for heart attack, arterial blockages and stroke. Let us get to know more about anticoagulant medications and what potential side effects they might cause. Blood thinners belong to… Continue Reading →

Isn’t That What Customer Service is All About?

Last week I went to a local pharmacy to have a prescription filled. As I approached the prescription counter I noticed a sign beside the cash register that said, ” Let’s Talk.” Considering it an invitation I said in a… Continue Reading →

Heavy Legs – Why Your Heavy Legs May Be a Sign of Serious Health Problems

Those with heavy legs must realize that the cause can be a deadly problem. This condition may also cause impotence in men. The heavy feeling in the legs can be a serious warning sign. The heart failing or high blood… Continue Reading →

HORSE RACING: How To Use Trip Handicapping

How to use trip handicapping means you have to do some serious dealings. Whoever said horse racing was easy? With trip handicapping you have to know where to get the information required to do it. And WHY a race turned… Continue Reading →

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